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Leading-edge research on sustainable living with risk management for speedier social-sustainability innovation.

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Oct 15 2015
Workshop by "Extremely Energy-Efficient Processors" unit on December 20th-22nd, 2015
Sep 25 2015
Information about IAS is on YNU "Progress"
May 22 2015
How to acknowledge when reporting research results in scientific journals

About the Institute of Advanced Sciences


Formation of a research hub rooted in the field of sustainable living with environmental risks which contributes to the continuous development of the world

Today’s 21st century society sees an acceleration of the concentration of the population into cities supported by high-density activity. Risk factors have a significant impact on human activity on a wide range of scales from problems that the entire world faces, such as global warming and energy depletion, to issues effecting regions, cities, and people’s health.


Director of Institute of Advanced Sciences (IAS)
President of Yokohama National University (YNU)

Yuichi Hasebe

Master's Degree in Economics, Hitotsubashi University. President Hasebe served as Assistant Professor at YNU, Visiting Economist, Economic Research Institute, Economic Planning Agency (today’s Economic and Social Research Institute), Professor at YNU, Dean of College of Economics and Graduate School of International Social Sciences, YNU and Director of Information Technology Service Center, YNU. He became President of YNU and Director of IAS in 2015. Research Field: Comparative Economic Systems, Industry Analysis.

Vice Director of Institute of Advanced Sciences (IAS)

Professor Atsumi Miyake

Doctor (Engineering), Yokohama National University. Professor Miyake served as Research Assistant, Assistant Professor, Professor at Graduate School of Environment and Information Science and Director of Center for Risk Management and Safety Sciences. He became Vice Director of IAS in 2016. He is also Principal Investigator of Safety Engineering and Risk Management of Energy Systems Unit at IAS. Research field: Social systems engineering/Safety system, Reaction engineering/Process system, Energy engineering.

Research Section Staff

Management Division

  • Visiting Professor, Research Strategy Manager Koichi Fujie (Former Vice Director)
  • Research Strategy Manager Minoru Koshimizu
  • Research Strategy Manager Masahiro Nakagawa
  • Section Chief Katsunori Miyazaki
  • Takahiro Sekiguchi
  • Reiko Sakaki
  • Akiko Kurosu
  • Yumie Nobe


Cyber Hardware Security Research Cluster

  • Information and Physical Security

    (PI : Professor Tsutomu Matsumoto)
    This research unit conducts research on one-step-ahead information and physical security techniques, developing and implementing……See the detail

  • Extremely Energy-Efficient Processors

    (PI : Professor Nobuyuki Yoshikawa)
    Our research goal is to realize extremely energy-efficient integrated circuits beyond the thermodynamic limit by using adiabatic and reversible circuits……See the detail

  • Integrated Photonics

    (PI : Professor Toshihiko Baba)
    This unit studies next era photonic devices such as optical interposers, LiDAR for autonomous vehicles, and bio-/environmental-sensors, in which various photonic functions including slow light, nanolaser……See the detail

  • Quantum Information Security

    (PI : Professor Hideo Kosaka)
    This research unit researches on quantum communications, quantum computers, and quantum repeaters interfacing them in the research area of quantum information security……See the detail

Infrastructure Risk Research Cluster

Social Innovation Research Cluster

  • Chemistry of Hydrogen Energy Conversion

    (PI : Professor Shigenori Mitsushima)
    We develop systems and materials for direct electrosynthesis of energy carriers and non-precious metal oxide electrocatalysts……See the detail

  • Co-innovation Dynamics

    (PI : Professor Seiji Manabe , Professor Masanori Yasumoto)
    For innovations to realize their potential social value, advanced technologies and knowledge created by research institutes……See the detail

International Partnerships

International Partnerships

In the current world of academic society, there is fierce competition on an international scale for acquiring outstanding human resources. In other words, “brain circulation” is accelerating. Making use of such conditions, the Institute of Advanced Sciences focuses on bringing in the best international researchers who explore the field of sustainable living with environmental risks, and promote the improvement of the system for acquiring such researchers. As a result, we can expect the formation of an international center which is capable of starting international projects, conducting creative research, and obtaining outstanding research results. By having well-known corporate researchers, which the Institute of Advanced Sciences plans to acquire, participate in such research activities, we aim for the strengthening of exit strategies connected with the implementation of research results, and can expect to uncover research seeds and create new research projects based on the needs of society.
Our overseas partner institutions are listed below. Information on the support system for researchers from overseas (currently under development) is also available below.

Industry-Academic Partnerships

Also placing importance on industrial-academic partnerships, Yokohama National University proactively promotes industry-academic collaborative research led both YNU researchers and corporate researchers. The Institute of Advanced Sciences focuses on bringing in the best corporate researchers as key people who can plan for faster implementation of the newest research results in the field of sustainable living with environmental risks, and promote the improvement of the system for acquiring such researchers. With the expectation of well-known international researchers at the Institute of Advanced Sciences participating in such industry-academic collaborative research, we can anticipate the new development of industrial technologies which deal with environmental risks in Japan.
The Institute of Advanced Sciences is currently involved in industry-academic collaborative research with the following companies. Information on the support system for researchers from the industrial world (currently under development) is also available below.


The Institute of Advanced Sciences is being designed for use by men and women of all ages with different cultures, languages, and nationalities, and to provide a research/living environment as described below.

Support system for research

In the current age where a huge variety of risks facing new technology and society continue to become more apparent, the Institute of Advanced Sciences considers it needs to focus on the promotion of academic research related to risk assessment and reduction using a more advanced system. We have begun considering the establishment of a research support system as described below.

Support system for living in Japan

Providing a stable living environment to all international researchers that conduct research at the Institute of Advanced Studies, which will enable them to conduct such research smoothly and quickly, is considered an important mission of the institute. International researchers at the institute will find the following information on living in Japan helpful.