Next Generation Urban Habitats

Unit Members

Research on habitats correlated with issues confronting cities throughout the world will be undertaken in collaboration with overseas think tanks and universities in order to arrive at models for how future cities and communities might be organized and new social systems in response to social crises in an age of transformation of capitalism.

Unit Members

Principal Investigator

  • Professor Kumiko Inui
  • Distinguished YNU Professor Rainer Hehl (Technische Universität Berlin, Germany)

Adjunct Investigator

  • IAS Visiting Assistant Professor Yutaro Muraji (Mokuchin Kikaku)
  • IAS Visiting Professor Kazuhisa Oriyama (archinet, inc.)
  • IAS Visiting Associate Professor Naoyuki Nagata (ICU Architects Office)
  • IAS Visiting Associate Professor Maki Onishi (onishimaki+hyakudayuki architects / o+h)

Visitors etc.

  • Adjunct Teaching Staff Sumie Maruyama


International Collaboration

Industrial Collaboration

Other Information

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