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  2. 国際連携 / International Partnerships

国際連携 International Partnerships


In the current world of academic society, there is fierce competition on an international scale for acquiring outstanding human resources: in other words, “brain circulation” is accelerating. Making use of such conditions, the Institute of Advanced Sciences (IAS) focuses on bringing in the best international researchers who explore the field of sustainable living with risk management, and promote the improvement of the research system for such purpose . As a result, we can expect the formation of an international center which is capable of starting international projects, conducting creative research, and obtaining outstanding research results. By inviting well-known corporate researchers from industrial world, to participate in such research activities, we aim for the strengthening of exit strategies designed to cover the phases from basic research to applications (commercialization, development of practical use) and can expect to uncover research seeds and create new research projects fitted to the needs of society. Our overseas partner institutions are listed below. Information on the support system for researchers from overseas (currently under development) is also available below.

国際連携機関 / International Partner Institutions

社会インフラストラクチャの安全研究ユニット / Safety and Resilience of Infrastructure and Infrastructure Systems

水素エネルギー変換化学研究ユニット / Chemistry of Hydrogen Energy Conversion

超省エネルギープロセッサ研究ユニット / Extremely Energy-Efficient Processors

医療 ICT研究ユニット / Medical Information and Communication Technology (Medical ICT)

海洋構造物の安全と環境保全研究ユニット / Safety of Marine Structures and Environmental Protection

コンビナート・エネルギー安全研究ユニット / Safety and Risk Management of Process Industry & Energy Systems

情報・物理セキュリティ研究ユニット / Information and Physical Security

超高信頼性自己治癒材料研究ユニット / Self-Healing Materials

次世代居住都市研究ユニット / Next Generation Urban Habitats

グローバル経済社会のリスク研究ユニット / Risks and Uncertainties in the Economy

中南米開発政策研究ユニット / Policy Development in Latin America