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Medical Information and Communication Technology (Medical ICT)

研究体制 / Unit Members

Principal Investigator
河野 隆二 教授
Professor Ryuji Kohno
Collaborating Investigator
Adjunct Investigator
オッリ・シルベン上席特別教授 (オウル大学, フィンランド)
Distinguished YNU Professor Olli Silven (University of Oulu, Finland)
ヤリ・イナッティIAS招へい教授 (オウル大学, フィンランド)
IAS Visiting Professor Jari Iinatti (University of Oulu, Finland)
マッティ・ハマライネンIAS招へい教授 (オウル大学, フィンランド)
IAS Visiting Professor Matti Hamalainen (University of Oulu, Finland)
エルビノ・ソウサIAS招へい教授 (トロント大学, カナダ)
IAS Visiting Professor Elvino Sousa (University of Toronto, Canada)

国際連携機関 / International Collaboration

産業界連携機関 / Industrial Collaboration

研究内容 / Research Interest

The unit promotes research and development of reliable and safe, i.e. dependable wireless body area networks (BAN) in the field of healthcare and medicine based on advanced information and communication technologies (medical ICT). International standards and regulations for medical ICT devices are also coordinated with collaborating ministries, institutes and companies throughout the world.

シンポジウム・セミナー / Symposium and Seminar