Toward the implementation of innovation

Toward the implementation of innovation

Recently, expectations for innovation in a wide variety of areas are on the rise. We view innovation as the basic foundation that will solve many social issues including energy, environment, the disparities of wealth, and low-birthrates in an aging population; we believe it will be the chief cornerstone for building a society where anyone can lead happy and secure lives. Innovation has now become a familiar term even in the world of business––one can safely assume that people from all walks of life are longing for innovation.

On the other hand, it is also a well-known fact that realizing innovation is not an easy task. In recent years, much like the trending term, 'open innovation,' many gather their attention to 'co-creation,' a method for creating innovation through a variety of organizations working together. Nonetheless, cases in which such endeavors were successful remain few and far between.

Innovation, to begin with, is not merely the invention of breakthrough technology. It is an encompassing concept of commercializing it into a form of a product or service and fulfilling its economic and social value. No matter how cutting-edge the research, unless people worldwide and across the board can use these results in the form of a product or service, the research conducted by universities and companies will not become profitable for businesses or bring about happiness to our society.

Not only will the Institute of Advanced Sciences (IAS) contribute to the development of knowledge by undertaking advanced research ourselves, but we will also strive to bring innovation to realization through collaborating with you all. This collaboration takes on many forms: creating products and services through joint research and development with companies, directing social experiments for testing the validity of advanced products and services, or even organizing joint research projects with other universities for a more fundamental understanding of principles.

Whatever it may be, connecting leading-edge research to innovation will not be possible without collaborative relationships with various players of society. We daily devote ourselves to research so we can give back to the world through innovation. We openly await partners who will join us on our journey to achieve this.