About Institute

Organizational Structure

Management System led by the President

Yokohama National University promotes the discovery of progressive, practical "knowledge" along with the creative and international educational research as an international hub of practical scholarship. In October 2014, to promote further its function as an international hub, the Institute of Advanced Sciences was launched with assistance from the MEXT Program for Promoting the Reform National Universities.

Research units which brings about international cooperation and industry-academic partnerships

IAS will establish research units involved in both international cooperation and industry-academic partnerships which aim to create highly practical research seeds that respond to global standards.

Each research unit is comprised of three Principal Investigators (PI) and others. The most distinctive characteristic of the units is the cooperation of the domestically-based PI, a Japanese YNU researcher with outstanding research seeds and a research field unique to Japan and the world, the overseas PI, an international researcher who is popular internationally in their field, and a PI from the world of industry who has the know-how to bring research seeds into industry and society. Research units which include researchers from YNU create highly practical research seeds in the field of sustainable living with risk management by paying attention to various perspectives.

Research consortium management capable of quickly responding to the needs of the industrial world

The idea behind each research unit of IAS is to form a research consortium with business people and adjunct investigators from outside of YNU involved in applicable fields.

This consortium aims to serving each research unit as a think tank to propose solutions that respond to technological needs that the companies involved with the corresponding research unit grasp. In addition, we plan to provide open licensing of fundamental technologies (intellectual property) acquired through the activities of this consortium and fundamental technologies (intellectual property) possessed by the research units to business people who participate in the consortium.

Excellent Research Support System

IAS will establish an excellent research management and support system which not only supports with paperwork but also serves to support research strategy plans of research units. In particular, intellectual property strategies, etc. arrived at through international cooperation and the research consortium will be considered to be supported by the hiring of professionals for total research management.


The Institute of Advanced Sciences (IAS) is designed for use by men and women of all ages with different cultures, languages, and nationalities, and provides a research/living environment as described below.