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Message from the Director

The Institute of Advanced Sciences leads "New Global Age"

Yokohama National University promotes the discovery of progressive, practical "knowledge" along with the creative and international educational research as an international hub of practical scholarship. In October 2014, to promote further its function as an international hub, the Institute of Advanced Sciences was launched with assistance from the MEXT Program for Promoting the Reform National Universities.

In functional enhancement of National Universities, the Institute of Advanced Sciences takes the lead to achieve the goal of becoming international hub in a forte field of our university. President of our university serves as the Director of Institute of Advanced Sciences, and provides strong leadership in raising the university's research capability and applying its research results in society.

Recently, "New Global Age" has been emphasized. Economic growth axis shifts to Asian countries, what are called, emerging countries, so attention to the circumstances of Asian countries is required about how Japan enforces international connection and promotes global net of Japanese science technology. Formerly, "Asia is One" was stated, but actually, Asia is the aggregate of many countries, and their systems and cultures are different form each country. Therefore, interdisciplinary research, in other words, integration of arts and sciences has been required. Institute of Advanced Sciences brings together prominent researchers from internal and external universities and research institutions, and in collaboration with local communities and enterprises, pays attention to local subjects, and tackles the interdisciplinary practical research transcending the boundaries of academic disciplines. Therefore, we assure that we can be the international hub to lead "New Global Age", and also, contribute to foster leaders to be core of that new age.

The current major goal of Institution of Advanced Sciences is, centering on research into risk-symbiosis, a forte of our university, to promote advanced research about the identification of risks contingent to the promotion of innovation in modern society, preventive measures against the materialization of risks, and feed those results back into society, and contribute toward the development of a safe, secure and sustainable society. To achieve the goal, we promote the advanced research in order to respond and provide solutions to the diverse risks facing today's "Global New Age". Our aim is, by conducting international joint research in multiple fields, particularly safety and security innovation, smart city creation and innovation, and life innovation, and by systemizing risk-symbiosis, to raise the global presence of our university by generating new scholarship.

Institute of Advanced Sciences pledges to promote the realization of a safe, secure and sustainable international society through the further growth of Yokohama National University.

Director of Institute of Advanced Sciences
President of Yokohama National University Hasebe Yuichi