Vice Director of Institute of Advanced Sciences


Professor Atsumi Miyake
Vice Director of Institute of Advanced Sciences (IAS)

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Research Field

Safety engineering, Risk management, Social systems engineering, Energy engineering


1984 / 4 Research Associate, College of Engineering, YNU
1966 / 1 Lecturer, College of Engineering, YNU
2000 / 4 Associate Professor, College of Engineering, YNU
2006 /4 Professor at Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences
2014 / 4 Director of Center for Risk Management and Safety Sciences (-2015 / 9)
2015 / 1 Principal Investigator of Safety and Risk Management of Process Industry & Energy Systems Unit at IAS
2016 / 5 Vice Director of IAS

Research Achievement (Book)

  • Frontier of Ionic Liquid Research Toward Practical Use
    M.Watanabe Ed.
    CMC Publ. 2016
  • Disaster prevention and risk management of chemical plants and laboratories
    Technical Information Institute, 2015
  • Kagaku binran seventh edition
    The Chemical Society of Japan
    Maruzen Publ. 2014
  • Introduction to Risk - Risk from the viewpoint of Technology
    S.Masunaga, A.Miyake et al.
    Iwanami Publ. 2012
  • Thermal risk of chemical processes
    F.Stoessel, translated by A.Miyake
    Maruzen publ. 2011

Research Achievement (Published Thesis)

  • Thermal and kinetic analysis on Michel addition reaction of acrylic acid,
    (M.Fujita, Y.Iizuka and A.Miyake)
    J. Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 128, 1227-1233, 2017
  • Direct self-sustained fragmentation cascade of a reactive droplet
    (C.Inoue, Y.Izato and A.Miyake)
    Physical Review Letters, 118, 7-17, 2017
  • Initial decomposition pathways of aqueous hydroxylamine solutions,
    (Y.Izato, M.Koshi and A.Miyake,)
    J. Phys. Chem. B, 121, 4502-4511, 2017
  • Leakage-type-based analysis of accidents involving hydrogen fueling stations in Japan and USA
    (J.Sakamoto, R.Sato, J.Nakayama, N.Kasai, T.Shibutani and A.Miyake)
    Int'l J. Hydrogen Energy, 41, 21564-21570, 2016
  • Preliminary hazard identification for qualitative risk assessment on a hybrid gasoline-hydrogen fueling station with an on-site hydrogen production system using organic chemical hydride
    (J.Nakayama, J.Sakamoto, N.Kasai, T.Shibutani and A.Miyake)
    Int'l J. Hydrogen Energy, 41, 7518-7525, 2016