Conferment ceremony held for SADAMITSU Chiharu (IAS Associate Professor) and Debasmita DWIBEDI (IAS Assistant Professor)

 IAS Associate Professor SADAMITSU Chiharu and IAS Assistant Professor Debasmita DWIBEDI were appointed to the Institute of Advanced Sciences and a confererment celemony was held on October 3, 2022.

 SADAMITSU Chiharu, IAS Associatet Professor , is in charge of education and outreach activities related to disaster prevention at the Regional Disaster Prevention Research Laboratory in the Typhoon Science and Technology Research Center (TRC), IAS.

from left: Professor YOSHIKAWA Nobuyuki (IAS Vice Director), SADAMITSU Chiharu (IAS Associate Professor),
Professor FUDEYASU Hironori (TRC Director)

 Debasmita DWIBEDI, IAS Assistant Professor, is responsible for researches related to oxide electrode materials at the Advanced Energy Storage Research Laboratory in the Advanced Chemical Energy Research Center (ACERC), IAS.

Debasmita DWIBEDI
from left: Professor YOSHIKAWA Nobuyuki (IAS Vice Director), Debasmita DWIBEDI (IAS Assistant Professor)

(face mask removed only when photographed)