In the current age, a huge variety of risks faced by advancing technology and developing society continue to become more apparent. The Institute of Advanced Sciences (IAS) focuses on the academic research related to risk assessment and reduction under a more advanced system. We have established a research support system as described below.

Research Strategy Manager

IAS is formed of researchers from a wide range of fields related to the study of sustainable living with risk management, and takes on challenges in new research areas. There might be cases where problems will occur which cannot be dealt with the existing research environment in our laboratories, and cases where it is necessary to have a multi-field research environment. A research strategy manager, who has a background in research, provides corresponding support to deal with the cases. The research strategy manager also supports the establishment of the research environment on both the technical and administrative ends, including making arrangements for the use of computing machinery and laboratory equipment as well as support securing research space and funding.

One-Stop Service for Work Procedures

Aiming to become a hub for international research, IAS plans to welcome many researchers from overseas. Staff who have a high level of proficiency in English, offers a one-stop service system to provide support for handling all types of procedures, whether research or living related.

English as the Official Language

English is our official language for seminars and meetings which include international researchers, communication and information sharing by E-mail, signboards, and documents, including work procedure information. This allows both foreign and Japanese researchers to engage in their tasks on an equal footing.

Research Space

In the IAS building (Room 309), we provide FILa (Future Innovation Laboratory) which accommodates 9 researchers so that they are able to focus on their research. In addition, taking research content and researcher traffic into consideration, we assign the space to researchers to make it easy for them to meet with their fellow researchers.