Providing a stable living environment to all international researchers that conduct research at The Institute of Advanced Sciences (IAS), which enables them to start conducting such research smoothly and quickly, is considered an important mission of IAS. International researchers at IAS will find the following information on living in Japan helpful.

General Information for International Researchers

For the purpose of helping international researchers at Yokohama National University (YNU), we have provided a guidebook which contains necessary information for living in Japan. Please use this guidebook to obtain any information you may need in order to spend comfortable life while in Japan.

Long-term Lodging Facility

IAS offers international researchers accommodations at YNU Ooka International Residence, YNU’s lodging facility for international researchers.

Residents of the facility are made up of international students, Japanese students, international researchers, and academic staff, which makes the facility very international. In addition, passcode protected digital locks, cleaning staff that always maintain a clean living environment, and day manager who is capable of communicating in both Japanese and English are just some of the reasons why you will be comfortable during your stay. Rooms are furnished with furniture and electrical appliances, providing you with an environment which allows you to focus on your studies and research right after coming to Japan. With a convenience store located on the first floor of the facility and a subway station (Gumyoji Station) as well as a shopping district just a three minute walk from the facility, YNU Ooka International Residence is a very convenient place to live in.

Off-campus Short-term Lodging Facilities

YNU has formed agreements with the following hotels and weekly rental condominiums where foreigners can stay. IAS offers these hotels and weekly rental condominiums to researchers that will stay for short periods.

Multilingual Information for living in Japan

Below you will find information necessary for living in Japan provided by Kanagawa Prefecture and the City of Yokohama, where IAS is located.

City of Yokohama
Information provided by the City of Yokohama is available in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese.
International Lounges
International lounges serve to provide living information and consultations in multiple languages to foreigners residing in Yokohama, and also offer Japanese language classes, volunteer interpreters, and opportunities to interact with Japanese people. Pamphlets providing information on the international lounges are available in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese.
Yokohama Visitors’ Guide
Sightseeing information for visitors to Yokohama is available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.
Multilingual Information Site
A webpage with links to information in several languages provided by Kanagawa Prefecture.
Hello Kanagawa
A bulletin issues three times a year by Kanagawa Prefecture for foreign residents of the prefecture. Available in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese.
Public Health and Medical Care Guide
Designed for foreign residents of Kanagawa Prefecture, this guide explains about the health, medical, and welfare systems. Available in Japanese, English, and Spanish.
INFO KANAGAWA Providing you with news from Kanagawa in several languages
Info Kanagawa is a service that sends notifications and event information to you by E-mail two times a month. Available in Japanese, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. If you are interested in registering for the service, please send an E-mail to and indicate your language of choice.