Chemistry of Hydrogen Energy Conversion

Research Interest

We develop systems and materials for direct electrosynthesis of energy carriers and non-precious metal oxide electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction for polymer electrolyte fuel cells toward the development of hydrogen energy technology for renewable energy.

Unit Members

Principal Investigator
Professor Shigenori Mitsushima
Collaborating Investigator
IAS Professor Akimitsu Ishihara
Professor Mahito Atobe
Associate Professor Masahiko Matsumiya
IAS Assistant Professor Kensaku Nagasawa
Adjunct Investigator
IAS Visiting Professor Hideto Imai (Nissan Arc, Ltd.)
IAS Visiting Professor Kota Yamada (ASAHI GLASS CO., LTD.)
IAS Visiting Professor Koji Sato (JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation)
IAS Visiting Professor Yoshimi Okada (Chiyoda Corporation)
IAS Adjunct Professor Teko Napporn (Centre national de la recherche scientifique, France)