Safety and Resilience of Infrastructure and Infrastructure Systems

Research Interest

A large number of infrastructure stocks in Japan are aging, and it is almost the renewal period of asset management. This research unit aims at developing resilient and early restorable infrastructure management systems from natural disasters and accidents even in emergency circumstances, making use of technology that integrates sensing, data assimilation and computational science.

Unit Members

Principal Investigator
Professor Koichi Maekawa
Collaborating Investigator
Assistant Professor Hiroto Higa
IAS Associate Professor Siringoringo Dionysius Manly
Adjunct Investigator
Distinguished YNU Professor/Professor Emeritus Yozo Fujino (President of Josai University)
Distinguished YNU Professor Kenichi Soga (University of California, Berkeley)
IAS Adjunct Professor Yong Xia (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
IAS Adjunct Professor Tan Kang Hai (Nanyang Technological University)
IAS Adjunct Professor Gong Fuyuan (Zhejiang University)
IAS Visiting Professor Akito Sakurai
IAS Visiting Professor Koji Ikeuchi
IAS Visiting Professor Hiroyuki Yamato
IAS Visiting Professor Atsushi Honma
IAS Visiting Professor Masaaki Yabe
IAS Visiting Professor Tetsuya Mishima