Safety Engineering and Risk Management of Energy Systems

Research Interest

This unit investigates loss prevention, hazard identification, risk management and safety promotion of technological systems such as process industries and energy systems for a safer, more secure and sustainable society.

Unit Members

Principal Investigator
Professor Atsumi Miyake
Collaborating Investigator
Professor Tadahiro Shibutani
Associate Professor Naoya Kasai
Associate Professor Yuichiro Izato
IAS Assistant Professor Shunichi Hienuki
Adjunct Investigator
IAS Visiting Professor Kazuhiko Noguchi
IAS Visiting Professor Toshiyuki Miyake (United Nations Industrial Development Organization)
IAS Visiting Professor Yuji Wada (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
IAS Visiting Associate Professor Masayuki Tanabe (JGC CORPORATION)
IAS Visiting Associate Professor Hiroto Habu (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)