The Institute of Advanced Sciences (IAS) and Institute for Multidisciplinary Sciences (IMS) bring together many researchers from overseas, aiming to build knowledge linkages from a global perspective. In this section, we use an interview-style format to explore what life as a researcher at the IAS or the IMS is really like for these overseas researchers, who have diverse backgrounds in terms of not only their areas of specialist expertise and their research fields, but also their nationality and research careers, and we introduce the measures being taken to foster international linkages at the IAS and the IMS, and what makes these institutes appealing to foreign researchers.

Note: This article was planned jointly by the IAS and the IMS, and the same content is being displayed on their respective websites.

Special Interviews with Overseas Researchers

Xiang Chunyi, IMS Visiting Associate Professor

(Typhoon Science and Technology Research Center, IMS)

Yin Minn PaPa, IAS Associate Professor

(Information and Physical Security Research Unit, IAS)

Li Kunpeng, IAS Assistant Professor

(ACERC Green Hydrogen Research Laboratory, IAS)

Koo Bonjun, IMS Assistant Professor

(Center for Creation of Symbiosis Society with Risk, IMS)

Antonio Atienza-Marquez, IAS Invited Assistant Professor

(ACERC Green Hydrogen Research Laboratory, IAS)

Lieze Schindler, IAS Assistant Professor

(QIC Quantum Control Electronic Integrated Circuit Laboratory, IAS)

※ new articles will follow through FY2024

interviewed and aticle edited by:He Liangdong, Research Strategy and Planning Manager