Research Interest

We research cyber attack monitoring, malware analysis, vulnerability analysis, the human factor in security, cyber threat ecosystem, and AI-assisted attack and defense to understand the current threat landscape and foresee future security problems to solve.

Adjunct Investigator

Michel van Eeten【IAS Visiting Professor】
Carlos Hernandez Ganan【IAS Visiting Associate Professor】
MINEMATSU Kazuhiko【IAS Visiting Professor】
AONO Yoshinori【IAS Visiting Associate Professor】
FUJIMOTO Daisuke【IAS Visiting Associate Professor】
HARA Keisuke【IAS Visiting Associate Professor】
SAKAMOTO Junichi【IAS Visiting Associate Professor】
SEITO Takenobu【IAS Visiting Associate Professor】
Aamir Hussain BOKHARI【IAS Visiting Researcher】
AKIYAMA Mitsuaki【IAS Visiting Researcher】
FUJITA Akira【IAS Visiting Researcher】
HARA Satoshi【IAS Visiting Researcher】
MAKITA Daisuke【IAS Visiting Researcher】
TAKADA Kazuki【IAS Visiting Researcher】
YAGI Takeshi【IAS Visiting Researcher】
OKADA Kouichirou【Part-time Lecturer】
FUJIWARA Nobuyo【Part-time Lecturer】