On December 13, 2023, the “2023 ACERC INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM” was held in a hybrid format, connecting the Yokohama National University (YNU) Media Hall with Zoom online. The event welcomed on-site and online participants, fostering an international gathering of researchers.

The symposium commenced with a welcome address by Professor Yabuuchi, the host and Director of the Advanced Energy Storage Research Lab, followed by presentations from Professor Bing Joe Hwang and Professor Wei-Nien Su of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology at the YNU Media Hall, where they highlighted the latest research trends. After a break, three researchers, Professor Jenny Pringle, Dr. Fangfang Chen and Dr. Marco Amores Segura from Deakin University in Australia presented their cutting-edge research topics, engaging in discussions with the on-site audience and Professor Hwang and Su. In the latter part of the symposium, Professor Yabuuchi, Professor Araki, and Assistant Professor Ugata from Yokohama National University shared their respective research topics.

Senior Distinguished Professor Watanabe, the inaugural director of ACERC, provided a wrap-up remark from Deakin University during his business trip, concluding the symposium. Particularly noteworthy was the gathering of researchers from diverse regions, fostering knowledge exchange and international collaboration. The symposium provided researchers exploring the diversity of research themes with new insights.