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  • 2023.05.19

    • Infomation

    A message from the director of Advanced Chemical Energy Research Center

  • 2023.04.20

    • Award

    IAS Associate Professor Christopher AYALA received the “Superconductive Electronics Research Association Achievement Award” from the IEICE

  • 2023.04.01

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    Yokohama National University launches new “Institute for Multidisciplinary Sciences”

  • 2023.01.04

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    Conferment ceremony held for Xiang Chunyi (IAS Visiting Associate Professor) and YAMAMURO Takafumi (Strategic Research Planning Manager)

  • 2022.12.16

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    [ACERC] Vanadium-Based High-Capacity Battery Material with Unchanging Lattice Volume ~Progress Toward Realization of Practical All-Solid-State Batteries |Development of a Rock Salt-type Material Based on Excess V-Li and Its Application to Ultra-long Life and Practical All-Solid-State Batteries (published online in nature materials)