A research group led by Professor Junji SHIKATA of the Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences and the Institute of Advanced Sciences (IAS), Yokohama National University, submitted a proposal to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T), a specialized agency of the United Nations, for “Broadcast authentication schemes for the IoT system” was approved as a Technical Report on September 5, 2023 and published in February 2024.

This research result and its international standardization are expected to contribute to the realization of secure and efficient control and management of IoT devices, which will be increasingly used in the future. This research and its international standardization are the result of “Research and Development of IoT Malware Harmless/Defunctionless Technology for Effective Use of Radio Waves (Principal Investigator: IAS Visiting Professor Koji NAKANO, IAS” (2020-4), a research and development project commissioned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for expanding radio wave resources. (2020-4).

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“Broadcast authentication schemes for the IoT system”, International Telecommunication Union (ITU)