The 3rd Institute of Advanced Sciences (IAS) Salon held on July 28, 2015 has gathered Director of IAS (President of Yokohama National University (YNU)), Vice-President of YNU, Vice-Director of IAS, Principal Investigators, Collaborating Investigators and others. There were a total of 15 participants in the salon.

Date and Venue

  • Date: July 28, 2015 13:00~14:00
  • Venue: YNU Administration Bureau 3rd Floor Conference Room 2


Moderator: Vice-Director of IAS Koichi Fujie

  1. Opening Address
  2. Director of IAS and President of YNU Yuichi Hasebe
  3. Research Topics Session 1
  4. ·Talk given by Professor Shigenori Mitsushima

    ·Talk given by Professor Nobuyuki Yoshikawa

  5. Open Discussion
  6. Closing Greeting
  7. Vice-President of YNU Shin Morishita