三宅敏之IAS招聘教授着任/ IAS Visiting Professor Toshiyuki Miyake appointed



Dr. Toshiyuki Miyake (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) arrived on April 1st at Yokohama National University, and the University conferred upon him the title of IAS Visiting Professor. The conferment ceremony took place on December 22, 2015.

IAS Visiting Professor Toshiyuki Miyake was appointed as Adjunct Investigator of the Research Unit: Safety and Risk Management of Process Industry & Energy System of the Institute of Advanced Sciences (IAS) and will be in charge of enhancement on safety on petrochemicalcomplex and energy related facilities.

Photo taken after the conferment ceremony on December 22, 2015. From left: President Yuichi Hasebe, Director of Institute of Advanced Sciences, and IAS Visiting Professor Toshiyuki Miyake.